Seminar Details

The use of the Internet to Deliver Interventions for Sexual Problem
Friday, 7th June 2013
12noon - 1pm
Tutorial Room 7 & 8 (Lower Ground Floor), UCL (Royal Free Campus)
Speaker: Lorna Hobbs


  • There is a high prevalence of people with sexual problems (e.g., erectile problems, lack or loss of sexual desire etc.) within general practice and sexual health services, and many more people experience sexual problems but do not seek help for them
  • Sexual problems can have a negative impact on emotional and sexual well-being, quality of life, and interpersonal relationships
  • Sexual problems are amenable to treatment, but there are multiple barriers to accessing face-to-face services (e.g., discomfort and embarrassment associated with discussing sexual problems in front of a health professional, geographic inaccessibility of services, and time constraints due to work or childcare responsibilities)
  • A way to overcome some of these barriers might be to offer help and support via the Internet. Interactive computer-based interventions (ICBIs) allow private, flexible, 24 hour access, that is anonymous, engaging, and can meet individual needs (i.e., via tailoring, feedback, user defined pace of learning etc.)

Outline of the seminar

  • Background to the PhD
  • Brief overview of the studies in the PhD – The use of the Internet to deliver interventions for sexual problems
  • Presentation of a systematic review of trials of computer-based interventions for sexual problems
  • Questions and feedback

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