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Clone of The TOWARD project – Evaluating IBW

Welcome to the TOWARD project (Triangulation Of Warning & Response Data evaluations)! 

About the project


  • Considerable resources are being invested in building the capacity to issue IBWs in Southeast Asia.
  • To our knowledge, however, there has been little to no evaluation of the effectiveness of these warnings in the region.
  • In our project, we want to quantify some of the benefits of IBWs. This can benefit our in-country partners in several ways. For instance, quantifying the added value of IBWs can provide evidence to support further funding in capacity building. Furthermore, it is important to identify where benefits are not as great as intended so that appropriate changes can be undertaken to maximise the benefit, whether they be related to IBWs themselves, or else more general infrastructure changes. 

Our approach

  • One approach we undertake to evaluate the effectiveness of IBWs in Southeast Asia is analysing real-world data on how people responded to IBWs in the past (i.e., historical data). 
  • To do so, we first need to understand what approaches to capturing response data in response to warnings currently exist in Southeast Asia, what the capacity is for capturing response data and what extant data gaps there are. 
  • We will summarise our findings in a capacity report that we will present to our partners at next year's workshop in Southeast Asia. 
  • Moreover, we plan to assist our partners in creating infrastructure and tools for routinely capturing response data in the future. 

Get involved

It is crucial that our partners in Southeast Asia participate in the TOWARD project. You can participate by filling out the contact form below and ideally scheduling a meeting with us to discuss the questions in more detail.

(Still need to work on the questions in the form; We could also have to form on a separate webpage and provide a link to the form here)

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Our project so far: Measuring and Evaluating Impact Thresholds (2023/24)

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