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SHARE@UCL - Sharing Knowledge & Experiences     

If you are looking for innovative ways to help you to develop yourself and your team get involved in the SHARE'@'UCL. The scheme has been introduced by Cristina Gardini through the 2nd phase of the


   Participation in Share@UCL encourages and promotes:

  • Closer integration
  • Cross disciplinary
  • Collegiateness
  • Transferable skills
  • Interconnection of roles
  • Raised profile
  • Strategy overview
  • Development

The SHARE'@'UCL Project will facilitate your development through the activities below while implementing the AUA CPD Professional Behaviours of the


1. Learning and Development Networks
Participating in L&D Networks will allow you to use informal channels of communication to inform and support objectives (self) facilitate opportunities to experience diverse roles within UCL and external organisations (org) and to develop and maintain personal networks (oth)
Below are some of the events organised to encourage a learning community, which included a series of talks on secondment opportunties attended by the UCL HR Manager and Vice Provost of Operations.


  • SPICE - Social, Physical, Intellectual, Career and Emotional Wellbeing'@'PaLS
  • COPS - Career Opportunities for Professional Services


2. Job Shadowing Scheme
The job shadowing scheme will give you an opportunity to understand the bigger picture and how different roles fit (self), enhance communication skills to improve service (other) and contribute to staff development with organization-wide schemes (org). The scheme is both cost effective for yourself and the department you work with and encourages you to embrace and engage with new opportunities.

3. Mentoring - Coaching - Buddy
There are several mentoring schemes within the faculty of brain sciences as well as a buddy scheme and trained UCL coaches available. It aims to enhance individual performance (self), to provide personal and professional support and to develop awareness of culture, subculture, values and strategy of organization (org).

The schemes will help you explore your innovative and creative capabilties, set targets and achieve objectives.

4. External opportunities/initiatives
PaLS organized the first incoming Erasmus SMT week @ UCL and several members of staff took advantage of outgoings. Such initiatives helps to get an overview for developing our own SMT programme (self), develop and maintain links and networks with other universities for the organization of SMT programmes (other) and become leaders in the promotion of international networks, events and activities (org). With Erasmus we have created strong partnerships with other universities to whom we promote our courses.


SHARE'@'UCL Ambassador

For further information on the above initiatives and if you would like to be involved in the AUA project please contact Cristina Gardini, c.gardini@ucl.ac.uk ext 24203.

If you want to become a SHARE'@'UCL Ambassador please get in touch with Cristina Gardini (c.gardini@ucl.ac.uk) to obtain the logo.