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CSLIR Committee
Some members of the core CSLIR Committee (Top L-R: Anna Krason, Rachel Rees, Sarah Hayward, Wei Ping Sze, Michael Dean; Bottom L-R: Wendy Best, Kate Shobbrook, Kirsty Catling)

Current Members

NameUniversity Links
Wendy Best (Centre Director)UCLHomepage
Kirsty CatlingUCL 
Mickey DeanUCL 
Sarah HaywardUCL 
Anna Krason (Administrator)UCLEmail
Caroline NewtonUCLHomepage
Rachel ReesUCLHomepage
Kate ShobbrookUCL 
Wei Ping Sze (Web Administrator)UCL 
Rosemary VarleyUCLHomepage

 Past Members

Firle BeckleyUCL 
Suzanne BeekeUCLHomepage
Carolyn BruceUCLHomepage
Mike ClarkeUCLHomepage
Mike ColemanUCL 
Jenny CrinionUCLHomepage
Pam CzerniewskaUCL 
Chris DonlanUCLHomepage
Judit DruksUCLHomepage
Anne EdmundsonUCL 
Fiona JohnsonUCL 
Alexander LeffUCLHomepage
Merle MahonUCLHomepage
Rebecca MatthewsUCLHomepage
Jane MaximUCLHomepage
Vanessa MeitanisUCL 
Hannah PimpertonUCLHomepage
Cathy PriceUCLHomepage
Katie PriceUCL 
Carol SacchettUCLHomepage
Sarah SimpsonUCL 
Nicola SirmanUCLHomepage
Christina SmithUCL Homepage
John SwettenhamUCLHomepage
Kate SwinburnUCL 
Clare ThomasUCL 
Jyrki TuomainenUCLHomepage
Chetan VyasUCL 
Janet WoodUCLHomepage
Mo HendersonUCL 

External Collaborators

Steffie AbelUniversity Clinic of AachenHomepage
Karen Bryan Surrey UniversityHomepage
Madeline CruiceCity UniversityHomepage
Rosemary CunninghamSouthern Derbyshire Speech and Language Therapy ServiceEmail
Emma EatonFraserburgh HospitalEmail
Susan Ebbels Moor House SchoolEmail
Jennie GrasslyAmersham HospitalEmail
Alison GreenwoodAmersham HospitalEmail
Natalie HassonCity UniversityHomepage
Julie HickinCity University 
Simon HortonUniversity of East AngliaHomepage
David HowardUniversity of Newcastle upon TyneHomepage
Charles Hulme University of OxfordHomepage
Simone Matzig Evangelisches Krankenhaus GesundbrunnenEmail
Elspeth McCartneyUniversity of StrathclydeHomepage
Karla McGregorUniversity of IowaHomepage
Elizabeth MeinsUniversity of YorkHomepage
Lyndsey NickelsMacQuarie Centre for Cognitive ScienceHomepage
Carole PoundBrunelEmail
Elizabeth RochonUniversity of TorontoHomepage
Sarah RossSheffield Speech and Language Therapy AgencyHomepage
Karen SageSheffield Hallam UniversityHomepage
Charlotta SaldertUniversity of GothenburgHomepage
Astrid SchröderUniversity of PotsdamHomepage
Nicole StadieUniversity of PotsdamHomepage
Evy Visch-BrinkErasmus University RotterdamHomepage