UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Kurt Steinmetzger

Research Student

Email: kurt.steinmetzger.12@ucl.ac.uk

Principal Supervisor: Stuart Rosen

Subsidary Supervisor: Jyrki Tuomainen

Research Interests

My PhD project examines the role of periodicity and aperiodicity (i.e., the contrast of voiced and unvoiced sounds) in speech perception. Tracking a target speech signal through a speech background appears to be affected by the periodicity of both the target and masker, with masking having a disproportionate effect for hearing impaired and Cochlear Implant (CI) users. We are investigating the abilities of listeners (normal hearing with and without simulations of CI processing, hearing impaired, as well as CI users) to perceive speech targets in the background of noise maskers in a variety of conditions mixing presence and absence of periodicity.

This PhD project is part of the INSPIRE network and includes collaborations with Torsten Dau (DTU) and Wanda Aleksy (RNTNEH).

I am also collaborating with Hannah Nash (UCL) in a project that compares letter-sound processing in dyslexic and normally developing children using behavioural and EEG methodology.

My background is in psychology, neuroscience and music. I have obtained a diploma in psychology from UC San Diego and FU Berlin, where I have worked in Stefan Koelsch’s group.


Steinmetzger, K. (2012). Expecting when – the electrophysiological dynamics of temporal syntax perception in tonal music. Diploma Thesis, FU Berlin, Germany.


Steinmetzger, K. & Rosen, S. Periodicity and aperiodicity in the perception of speech in both steady-state and fluctuating maskers. Poster presented at: CIAP 2013. 16th Biennial Conference on Implantable Auditory Prostheses, July 14-19, Lake Tahoe, USA.

Nash, H., Steinmetzger, K., et al. A behavioural and ERP investigation of letter-sound processing: Is a lack of automaticity a proximal cause of dyslexia? Poster presented at: SSSR 2013. 20th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading, July 10-13, Hong Kong, China.