UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Speech Sciences Teaching Lab


The Speech Sciences teaching lab in Chandler House is designed to handle groups of up to 40 students. It is equipped with 18 PC workstations with speech recording and playback hardware and an extensive suite of in-house software for laboratory teaching and bespoke analysis of speech. 15 of these workstations are equipped with electroglottograph systems for the non-invasive observation of vocal fold vibration.


The workstations also support the control of speech perception and psychacoustic experiments. Demonstration equipment for physical acoustics includes a set of acoustic tubes of variable length, signal generators and measuring microphones/amplifiers. Benching is modular and movable so that workstations can be operated from positions around the walls and in the central area. The room can also be configured for seminar and lecture presentations, contains a ceiling mounted data projector and is equipped for the use of Personal Response Systems in interactive teaching.