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Using Facilities

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If you would like to visit the lab or have any queries, please email one of the lab directors, who can be found on the Contact Us page above.  For details regarding our equipment, see the facilities page.

Ethical Approval

It is essential that ethical approval is granted before running any experiments in the Language and Cognition Lab. You can familiarise yourself with the British Psychological Society’s guidelines here. The Language and Cognition Lab is not able to cover your project's ethical approval, and as such it is important that you apply to your individual ethics board or committee before running the experiment.

NB: You may be expected to further obtain ethical approval from UCL’s Psychology Ethics Committee to run the experiment on UCL premises, if you have not already done so.  This will require intranet access via the psychology departmental website.


If you have obtained grant funding for your project, or intend to use the results of any study carried out at the Language and Cognition Lab in a grant application, a small charge will be applied.  Please contact one of the lab directors for more information.


All users of the Language and Cognition Lab must attend a training session for the equipment you will be using.  Two training sessions will be held in October and February each year to demonstrate the use of our equipment.  In order to use the facilities available in the Language and Cognition Lab, it is necessary that the PI and any other people who will engage with the equipment attend.  At the time of writing (Sept 2013) there is no longer a multimodal lab manager to carry out the training. Please contact one of the lab directors to find out whether this situation has changed.


Once you have registered your interest in using MML, we will set you up on a calendar and allow you to make bookings.  Currently we ask that you do not make more than 3 consecutive hours of bookings per day and no more than 10 hours per week.  These times may become more restricted depending on the number of people using the lab, which tends to vary by season.  If you require to test for periods longer than 3 hours per day or need to make more than 10 hours of bookings in one week, please contact Chris Street (c.street@ucl.ac.uk).

Day of Use

On the day that you use the lab, it is important to follow the lab maintenance policy (pdf).  You will need a key to access the lab, which we will discuss nearer the date.  We request on behalf of the UCL Psychology Department that you do not run experiments after 7pm or on weekends for the safety of your participants and yourself.