UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Contents of UCLWPL 25 (2013)

Edited by Diana Mazzarella, Isabelle Needham-Didsbury and Kevin Tang

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Robyn Carston Preface
Semantics and Pragmatics
Xiaohong Jiang
Referential Metonymy: Reference Transfer and Pragmatic Motivations
Diana Mazzarella ‘Optimal relevance’ as a pragmatic criterion: the role of epistemic vigilance
Paula Rubio-Fernández, Catherine Wearing and Robyn Carston
How metaphor and hyperbole differ: An empirical investigation of the relevance-theoretic account of loose use
Klaus Abels
On 2-3-1
Zoë Belk
The Paradox of the Heavy Drinker
Dirk Bury and Matthew Reeve
Backward coreference from relative clauses and the nature of Condition C
Alexandra Perovic and Victoria Janke Issues in the acquisition of binding, control and raising in high-functioning children with autism
Matthew Reeve Conditions on ellipsis licensing: evidence from gapping and cleft ellipsis
Hans van de Koot, Renita Silva, Claudia Felser and Mikako Sato
Dutch A-Scrambling Is Not Movement: Evidence from Antecedent Priming
Phonetics and Phonology
Florian Breit
Voice–Nasality Interaction and Headedness in Voiceless Nasals
Elizabeth Eden
Measuring language distance through phonology: parameters or constraints?
Nick Neasom What is a Synchronic Chain Shift?
Thanasis Soultatis The status of the glide in Modern Greek
Kevin Tang and Andrew Nevins Quantifying the Diachronic Productivity of Irregular Verbal Patterns in Romance

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