UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Contents of UCLWPL 7 (1995)

Edited by John Harris
Robyn Carston & Eun-Ju Noh

A truth-functional account of metalinguistic negation with evidence from Korean

Carmen Curcó

Some observations on the pragmatics of humorous interpretations: a relevance theoretic approach

Mary Lou Grimberg

Against rigidity

Reiko Itani

A relevance-based analysis of Lakoffian hedges: sort of, a typical and technically

Eun-Ju NohA pragmatic approach to echo questions
Anna Papafragou

Metonymy and relevance

Xose Rosales Sequeiros

Discourse relations, coherence and temporal relations

Deirdre WilsonIs there a maxim of truthfulness?
Maya Arad

On the projection of ditransitive verbs

Annabel Cormack

The semantics of case

Richard Hudson

Con PRO, or the virtues of sharing

Young-Kook Kim

Double nominative constructions in Korean

M.Rita Manzini

From Merge and Move to Form Dependency

Dimitra Irini TzanidakiGreek word order: towards a new approach
George J. XydopoulosOn the syntax of manner adverbs in Modern Greek
Phillip BackleyA tier geometry for vowel systems
Mercedes Cabrera-AbreuTone-association in English
Phil Harrison

Phonology and infants' perceptual abilities: asking the right questions

Hemalatha NagarajanGemination of stops in Tamil: implications for the phonology-syntax interface
Kuniya NasukawaNasality and harmony in Gokana