UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Contents of UCLWPL 1 (1989)

Edited by Robyn Carston

Relevance Theory
Jill HouseThe relevance of intonation?
Vladimir ZegaracRelevance theory and the meaning of the English progressive
Regina BlassPragmatic effects of coordination: the case of 'and' in Sissala
Billy ClarkA relevance-based approach to "pseudo-imperatives"
Ernst-August GuttTranslation and relevance
Deirdre Wilson & Dan SperberOn verbal irony
Adrian PilkingtonPoetic effects: a relevance perspective
Anne FurlongTowards an inferential account of metonymy
Marjolein GroefsemaRelevance: processing implications
Neil SmithCan pragmatics fix parameters?
GB Syntax
M. Rita ManziniCategories and acquisition in the parameters perspective
Jamal OuhallaAgainst the head movement constraint
Christopher WilderPredication, null operator infinitives and for-deletion
Ianthi-Maria TsimpliOn the properties of the passive affix in Modern Greek
Michael BrodyOld English impersonals and the theory of grammar
Norman FraserParsing and dependency grammar
Richard HudsonTowards a computer-testable word grammar of English
Robyn CarstonModularity and linguistic ambiguity


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