UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Recently Funded Projects

YearUCL ResearcherTitleFunding Source
2022-2025Richard Breheny (PI), Yasu Sudo (Co-I)IDEAlISM: Interactions between Dynamic Effects and Alternative-Based Inferences in the Study of MeaningAHRC-DFG
2022-2023Robyn CarstonLexical Innovation: Conceptual Flexibility and Grammatical Constraints Leverhulme Research Fellowship
2021-2022Yasu Sudo, Nathan Klinedinst, Salvador Mascarenhas, Stanislas Dehaene

Language in Reasoning

UCL-Université PSL collaboration grant
2021Yasu Sudo

Reconstruction and scope in indexical shift in Uyghur

British Academy / Leverhulme Trust Small Research Grant
2020-2022Ad Neeleman (PI)Complex heads in syntax and morphology
(paired with a second Leverhulme grant to Peter Ackema, University of Edinburgh)
Leverhulme Trust
2019-2022Richard Breheny (PI), Yasu Sudo (co-I)Alternative and Implicit MeaningsLeverhulme Trust
2018-2022Kriszta Eszter Szendroi (Co-PI), Lily Kahn (Co-PI)Contemporary Hasidic Yiddish - A joint UCL Hebrew & Jewish Studies - Linguistics Research ProjectAHRC
2018-2022Andrew Nevins (PI), Franc Marusic (CI),  Mark De Vos (CI),Jana Willer-Gold (Research Associate)Agreement Mismatches in Experimental Syntax: from Slavic to BantuLeverhulme Trust
 2017-18Kearsy Cormier (PI), Kate Rowley (CI), Jordan Fenlon (CI)Language attitudes in the British deaf community: Evidence from the British Sign Language CorpusEconomic & Social Research Council (ESRC)
 2016-19Kearsy Cormier (PI), Adam Schembri (CI), Jordan Fenlon (CI)A broadly usage-based account of British Sign Language syntaxArts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC)
2016-18James WhiteAn EEG study of phonotactic knowledgeBritish Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant
2007-17Robyn CarstonLinguistic Agency Project and Meta-representation, Centre for the Study of Mind in NatureUniversity of Oslo
2014-18Andrew NevinsCoordinated Research in the Experimental Morphosyntax of South Slavic Languages (EMSS)Leverhulme
2016-17Yasustada SudoOn the interaction between morphosyntax and semantics-pragmatics in language acquisition and language loss: the case of temporal inferencesBritish Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant
2013-16Alexandra Perovic and Nausicaa PouscoulousMetaphor comprehension in Autism Spectrum Disorder & Down syndromeBritish Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant
2013-15Ad NeelemanThe grammar of personLeverhulme Research Fellowship
2012-15Andrea SantiParameterizing typicality to study brain systems underlying semantic categoriesFundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
2011-14Robyn CarstonWhat Word Meaning Is and What It Isn’tAHRC
2011-14Robyn CarstonUnderstanding Metaphor: Ad Hoc Concepts and Imagined WorldsLeverhulme
2009-14Robyn CarstonLiterature as an Object of Knowledge, directed by Balzan Prize winner, Terence Cave, St John’s College, OxfordBalzan Interdisciplinary Project
2010-13Alexandra Perovic“Acquisition of Syntactic and Pragmatic Aspects of Control and Binding”: A Comparison between Autistic and Non-autistic Children”, with Dr Vikki Janke, University of KentBritish Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant
2008-12Richard BrehenyLinguistic Agency - Metarepresentation projectCentre for Research of Mind in Nature, Oslo
2010-12Richard BrehenyCo-Investigator, ESRC-funded Experimental PragmaticsESRC
2010-12Nausicaa PouscoulousDo 2.5-year-olds understand presupposition?ESF mobility grant
2011-12Hans van de KootAntecedent Priming in Sentences with Neutral Scrambling: Evidence from Dutch and GermanAHRC
2011Klaus AbelsLinguistic Universals and the Order of Verbs in GermanicAHRC
2010-11Richard BrehenyThe role of lexical alternatives in different forms of pragmatic processingESF mobility grant
2010-11Richard BrehenyAre Presuppositions Accommodated Globally by Default?ESF mobility grant
2009-11Nausicaa PouscoulousEarly metaphorical abilitiesESF mobility grant
2007-09Richard BrehenyExperimental Investigations of Semantic-Pragmatic InferencesAHRC
2008-09Robyn CarstonPragmatics and Semantic ContentLeverhulme Research Fellowship
2006-09Ad Neeleman and Hans van de KootA flexible theory of topic and focus movementAHRC
2003-06Robyn CarstonUnified Theory of Lexical PragmaticsAHRB
2004-06Alexandra PerovicComputational system of language in ASDSimons Initiative for Autism and the Brain
2004Robyn CarstonThree months (September-December 2004) at the Institute of Cognitive Science in LyonCNRS
2003-04Alexandra PerovicComputational system of language in ASDThe Anne and Paul Marcus Foundation Autism Consortium
Jan-June 2002Ad NeelemanInterfaces in morphologyAHRB
1999-00Robyn CarstonWhat is Said and What is CommunicatedLeverhulme Research Fellowship