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  • Lorca-Puls D; Gajardo-Vidal A; White J; Seghier M; Leff A; Green D; Crinion J; Ludersdorfer P; Hope T; Bowman H (2018) The impact of sample size on the reproducibility of voxel-based lesion-deficit mappings Neuropsychologia
  • Gajardo-Vidal A; Lorca-Puls DL; Crinion JT; White J; Seghier ML; Leff A; Hope TMH; Ludersdorfer P; Green DW; Bowman H (2018) How distributed processing produces false negatives in voxel-based lesion-deficit analyses Neuropsychologia
  • Woodhead ZVJ; Kerry SJ; Aguilar OM; Ong YH; Hogan JS; Pappa K; Leff AP; Crinion JT (2018) Randomized trial of iReadMore word reading training and brain stimulation in central alexia Brain
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