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Social Computational Neuroscience Lab

Welcome to our research group, where we explore the fascinating world of social cognition and the human brain's remarkable ability to navigate complex social environments.

Our research group started in 2024 and is based in the Department of Experimental Psychology at University College London (UCL) in the vibrant city of London. We are a dynamic and collaborative team, passionate about pushing the boundaries of our understanding of the human brain and social cognition. We are closely affiliated with Steve Fleming’s Metalab at UCL.

We investigate the neural underpinnings of reasoning about ourselves and others, and how the brain navigates intricate social situations involving multiple people. Our aim is to understand the different dimensions of social representations in various contexts, and how we adapt our mental strategies to diverse social settings.

To tackle these questions, we employ a range of cutting-edge methods. We utilize behavioural experiments, computational modelling, and brain imaging to gain a comprehensive understanding of the building blocks of social thinking and their shared processes with other cognitive domains. In the coming years, we will be focusing on causal techniques, such as non-invasive transcranial ultrasound stimulation, to determine the causal relationships between brain activity and behavior.

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Principal investigator

Marco K Wittmann

MRC Senior Research Fellow, Experimental Psychology


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Yongling Lin