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Yan Gu

My research interests include multimodal communication (e.g., gestures; prosody), and bilingualism, language and cognition. I am particularly interested in metaphors and embodied cognition. For instance, in my PhD project I have investigated the cross-linguistic/cultrual differences in the spatialisation of time (gestures, signs, and eye movements).

Currently, I am working on an ERC project led by Professor Gabriella Vigliocco, which explores how multimodal input cues from parents can facilitate word learning and language processing. Specifically, we ask: (1) Do caregivers use iconicity (in phonology, gestures, and/or prosody) in their input to children? (2) Does iconicity aid children’s word learning? (3) Is iconicity especially useful when people talk about objects, actions or properties which are absent in immediate environment? For more detail about my previous and current research, please see my personal website.

Contact details

Room 411
26 Bedford Way
London WC1H 0AP

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