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Vijay Tailor

As a Clinical Orthoptist I have a background in childhood amblyopia and strabismus. My previous research has been varied developing a new genetic test for congenital anterior segment defects (childhood glaucoma, microphthalmia, anophthalmia and coloboma); developing a new 3D treatment for amblyopia and recruiting for phase 1 pharmaceutical trials in childhood glaucoma. My current research will investigate a condition called Nystagmus.  Nystagmus has a pronounced effect on visual function with a strong limitation on acuity and contrast sensitivity. The aim of my PhD is to investigate whether any additional visual deficits specifically crowding (objects that are otherwise visible in isolation become difficult to recognise in clutter) are affected. I shall also aim to investigate whether crowding shares the same underlying mechanism as adults with strabismic amblyopia or the peripheral vision of normal sighted adults.

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Room 412
26 Bedford Way

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