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Laura Sparaci

I am a Marie Curie Research Fellow funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and supervised by Professor Gabriella Vigliocco within the Language and Cognition Lab. My research centres on embodied enactive approaches to human communication and language development. I firmly uphold an interdisciplinary approach to multimodal communication, bringing together philosophical theories on embodied cognition, experimental psychology analyses of child behaviour, neurophysiological knowledge of human motor skills and bioengineering tools.


I am currently carrying out the FORGE project dedicated to investigating the role of motor skills and functional tool use towards emergence of representational gestures and vocabulary acquisition in children. The project will rely on both behavioural observations and use of motion sensors to measure motoric characteristics of tool use and gestural skills exploited by children’s during word learning.

Contact details

Room 411
26 Bedford Way
London, WC1H 0AP

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020 55205