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Katherine Rowley

This person is an alumnus of the department.
The information on this page was last updated on 27th September 2018.

My PhD study focuses on literacy attainment in deaf adults.  Poor literacy is prevalent in the deaf community, which has an impact on education, health and career opportunities.  The aim of my study is to look at what factors contribute to good literacy skills in deaf adults.  To do this, I am obtaining background information on all deaf participants (language, education and family backgrounds) as well as using different experimental tasks to tap into processing at the word and sentence levels.  Hearing participants that match on age, gender and educational background will also be recruited for comparative purposes – mainly to see if there are any differences between the way deaf and hearing people read.  I hope that my studies will give us new insights into how deaf people process the written word and in turn improve on current teaching methods in educating deaf children.

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