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Jennifer Rodd

I am interested in how we understand the meanings of the words that we hear or read, and how we combine together the information from individual words to construct representations of the meanings of sentences. I have a particular interest in how we use our recent and long-term experience with language to improve the efficiency of these processes.

I study these issues using a combination of neuroimaging (fMRI) and psycholinguistic methods.

Meet the researcher

Dr. Jennifer Rodd’s research focuses on how people are able to understand language. What are the cognitive and brain processes that are necessary to understand another person’s speech? For instance, understanding a sentence is more than simply understanding the constituent words — these need to be integrated into a larger conceptual framework and this very often involves resolving ambiguity in the meaning of words. People use a number of different strategies to do this and Jenni’s work aims to identify these, to understand how they work mechanistically, and to explore their underpinnings in the brain.

Contact details

Room 209
26 Bedford Way

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020 7679 1096