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Dyutiman Mukhopadhyay


I work on the experimental psychology and neuroscience of emotion, mental health, arts and creativity — their inter-relationships and their social and cultural predispositions. My current research domain includes fMRI, EEG and Eye-tracking based study of emotions in response to complex naturalistic stimuli like films, paintings, photographs and face-database. Parallel to my academic career I am deeply involved in the fields of photography, film-making and other forms of visual-art. I worked as a British Academy Newton International Fellow (2018-2020) at UCL Faculty of Brain Sciences (in Psychology and Language Sciences Division) studying cultural and emotional models of self using films. I am also the Creative Director at a UCL Innovation and Enterprise supported interactive academic engagement company. As a cognitive scientist, fine-artist and creative designer I try to bridge the gap between traditional fine-art and consumer-targeted design applying my experience in experimental and cognitive-aesthetics, emotion-research and the arts in general. I have a PhD in Biomedical sciences, post-doctoral experience in Cognitive sciences (experimental aesthetics), a Five-years Diploma in Fine-arts (painting) and a widely multi-disciplinary career spanning scientific research (biomedical, cognitive and neuro sciences) and creative involvements (photography, film-making and design).  I am also currently an assistant fMRI operator at the Birkbeck-UCL Centre for NeuroImaging (BUCNI). I have been awarded the T1 Exceptional Talent Visa (Promise category), endorsed by the British Academy to advance my work in the UK till 2024.

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Room 411
26 Bedford Way

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