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If you have a particular research interest you would like to pursue or would simply like to gain research experience as a student, you may want to consider joining the Department of Experimental Psychology at UCL. We frequently offer opportunities for students and recent graduates to work or volunteer in research laboratories. The Department of Psychology is also a vibrant and diverse research community with postdoctoral scholars from around the world. If you are interested in becoming a postdoctoral scholar, please check out available funding opportunites and contact the faculty member with whom you wish to work. A list of all Department of Psychology research themes are available here, and you can find a list of staff here.


Participate in Research

You have the opportunity to learn firsthand how knowledge in psychology is acquired through participation in research studies being conducted by faculty and doctoral students. Participation in studies can lead to study credit for the purposes of fulfilling a research requirement for a course or monetary compensation. For full information, click here.



Research Placements

Research placements can be invaluable experiences that shape participants’ futures. At the Department of Experimental Psychology, students can get involved in a range of research opportunities, allowing them to make useful contacts and gain skills to make their CV stand out. We support two research placement schemes, in2science and Nuffield Research Placements. Click here for more information.


Visiting and Volunteering

Volunteering in a research laboratory is an excellent way to gain additional experience in the field. If you are a faculty member at another university and wish to visit the Department as a visiting researcher, or if you are a current student interested in volunteering opportunities as research assistant, click here for more information.



Research Fellowships are intended to help early career researchers to conduct a defined project at a location of their choice. The department is open to approaches from postdocs at different stages career stages interesting in applying for external funding. You can find a selection of available funding resources here.