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Live science!

As part of the London Science Museum’s Live Science program, Daniel Richardson and Alan Johnston will be running two exhibitions:


Exploring the Group Mind with Games

From 6-8 November, London Science Museum, 1st floor, Who am I? Gallery

What is more fundamental – the fact that you are a unique individual, or your relationship to others in your social group, family or society? Audience members at our events will explore this issue in mass participation experiments. Through an application on their phones that is connected to a large screen, everyone will play video games together, make music, take difficult decisions, and experience whether they perform better as individuals or as a group. These experiences will show how science can give insight into how we vote in elections, riot on the streets, experience a concert, or support a football team.As a group, the audience will participate in fun, challenging group games that are genuine scientific experiments. They will play video games, resolve disagreements and take difficult decisions. Will they perform better when they compete against each other as individuals, or when they cooperate together as a group? How does it change our feelings about ourselves and each other to act with or against the group’s interests? At the end of each event, the audience members will have a new appreciation of the science behind collective behaviour.

We will be running games and experiments on the half hour (ie 12.00, 12.30, 13.00 and so on) each day.


 How Long Do You Look?

From 10 November – 13 December, London Science Museum, 1st floor, Who am I? Gallery

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who looks at you too much, or too little? Come and help our Live Science researchers from University College London and Queen Mary University explore how long we can comfortably maintain eye contact with another person and how this varies depending on factors such as age, gender and personality.

These experiments will run between 11:00-13:00 and 14:00-17:00 on Mondays, Wednesday and Saturdays.  For full details, please see the LiveScience_Flyer.