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Hugo Spiers becomes Science Director of “The Centric Lab”

Hugo Spiers becomes Science Director during 6 month MRC funded secondment

Starting in January 2017, The Centric Lab has started a partnership with UCL under a Medical Research Council secondment grant that brings in Hugo Spiers into their lab. The Centric Lab is a cognitive neuroscience research lab providing useable and practical insight to the built environment industry, helping inform all aspects of design.

Hugo Spiers has taken up the position of Director of Science at the lab during a 6 month ‘Proximity to Discovery’ MRC funded secondment. The funding pays for a teaching cover for the next 6 months and the establishment of a Virtual Reality set up at UCL.

Hugo’s work includes the direction of the research lab which provides clients with meta-analysis of existing neuroscientific research. For example, if a workspace was needed for long bursts of focused work, the Lab aims to understand its context through the use of neuroscience and then apply informed design principles to provide solutions.

After the 6 months, Hugo will continue to oversee UCL interactions with the lab.

We wish Hugo all the best for his time at the Centric Lab!

To find more about the research, visit their website or check out available internships with Hugo and his UCL lab:

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