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A grey matter

Marty Sereno’s hand-written notes for teaching MRI physics have been turned into an art exhibit in Moscow by Swedish artist Conny Blom.  The project aims to examine and show how certain technological, neurological, cultural and aesthetical aspects affect each other in this type of MRI research; for example, how the technical apparatuses control and limit how the visual events can be arranged, the arbitrary aspects of the thresholds deciding on successful matching of data; and the subjective and cultural factors that influence the selection of images used to form the library, their motifs, cropping, etc, and the semantic categorisation of image motifs – conditions for the ambition to reach an objective, neural understanding of human seeing.

Conny_Blom_AGreyMatter Conny_Blom_AGreyMatter2 ConnyBlomGreyMatter grey_matter2 grey_matter3