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Speech Research Lab

Our lab’s main interests are speech production and perception and their relationship.  We have a particular interest in stuttering as a developmental speech disorder and its relationship to fluent development of speech and language.

Principal investigator

0207 679 7566
Speech Research Lab website

Recent publications

  • Barrett L; Howell P (2020) Impact of Altered Sensory Feedback on Speech Control in Fluent Speakers and Speakers who Stutter In Ball M (Eds.), Manual of Clinical Phonetics Abingdon, UK: 1796555.
  • Al-Tamimi F; Howell P (2020) Voice Onset Time and Formant Frequencies in Arabic Stuttered Speech Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics
  • Howell P (2020) Hay fever is associated with prevalence, age of onset and persistence of stuttering Advances in Neurodevelopmental Disorders
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