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A list of projects by key contact

Key contact: Dr. Evelyne Mercure

  • Influence of early experience on language processing and neural representation: A study of hearing infants with a deaf mother

This project assesses the impact of early language experience on the development of communication and the neural representation of language in hearing infants with deaf parents in comparison to hearing infants with monolingual and bilingual hearing parents.


Key contact: Prof. Gabriella Vigliocco

We developed a test of young children's appreciation of iconicity in BSL. This data revealed differences across deaf and hearing children exposed to BSL and English at different ages.


Key contacts: Dr. David Vinson and Prof. Gabriella Vigliocco

Experiments on iconicity and British Sign Language processing.



Key contact: Prof. Bencie Woll

Norming of executive function tasks with older deaf adults aged 50-89 years.


Key contact: Prof. Gary Morgan

Longitudinal study testing executive function and language in deaf and hearing children aged 6-13 years.