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Information, Downloads and Resources

STARS has generated a number of freely available resources. You can also click here to download the STARS report which aims to provide a non-technical summary of the results of research study and to describe the practical implications of the research findings for parents and professionals involved in the transition from primary to secondary school.

Available materials are: 

  • Transition support booklets for pupils, parents and teachers.  Schools are welcome to use these as part of their transition induction strategy.  Schools that took part in STARS have particularly valued these resources. 

[Booklet for pupils]  [Booklet for parents]  [Booklet for teachers]

  • The START questionnaire which we have shown is useful for predicting how well children settle in to secondary school in both domains of transition success.  Secondary schools may wish to use this measure when it is not possible to visit all primary schools prior to the start of the new academic year.  [START questionnaire]
      • Primary school intervention questionnaires.   We have developed teacher, parent and pupil report versions of a questionnaire to assess interventions used to support all pupils as well as pupils with Special Educational Needs.    
      [parent questionnaire]  [pupil questionnaire[teachers individual questionnaire[teachers class questionnaire]
      • School concerns questionnaire.  This is a pupil report questionnaire that asks about commonly reported concerns about secondary school.  We have shown that pupil concerns are related to transition success.  The questionnaire is currently being used by research teams in the UK and Australia.

       [school concerns questionnaire]

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