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Work Package 2

Work Package 2: WASH Resilient Recovery (lead by Co-Is Parikh and Meilianda)

Our vision is to foster the resilient recovery of the displaced communities of Palu, Indonesia, by using schools as hubs to improve life. This work package is concerned with fostering resilient recovery concerning Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) through WASH awareness and the design of socio-cultural appropriate solutions and facilities. To meet these aims, we will conduct an assessment phase through interviews and on-site transect walks to assess the physical condition and utilisation of WASH facilities in schools (or what remains of damaged schools). A multipronged intervention will then be then co-developed with local stakeholders to address the training and capacity building needs concerning hygiene, best practices and design solutions for socio-culturally appropriate and resilient WASH services; interventions will harmonise with governmental programmes to facilitate appropriate and sustainable service delivery and improved service monitoring. Interventions will also be shaped by the insights garnered through Work Package 1: Psychosocial Resilient Recovery and Work Package 3: Infrastructural Resilient Recovery and existing evidence.

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