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Theo Eracleous

Theo Eracleous
Theo is a Research Assistant at UCL’s Division of Psychology & Lang. Science, focusing on individual differences research regarding entrepreneurial tendencies. Before his studies, he served in the National Guard as a 3rd lieutenant, and he is now on path to graduate in BSc Psychology from University of Bath, a top-5 UK university in Psychology, in 2021.

He has been involved in examining decision-making and biases in entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalist Investors, preparing content for talks on these topics. He has also been part of the preparatory process of paper submission in conferences, in topics of creativity, decision-making and happiness at work.

His current research explores the relationships between entrepreneurial personality and expertise, aiming to explore how entrepreneurial tendencies may differ between experts and novices in a field. He aspires to further explore the respective nature of expertise and entrepreneurial traits, their underexplained positives and negatives, and their desirability in different contexts. Practically, he aspires to help high-potential and top-performers be better identified, understood and nurtured, by organisations and society.