UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Identify an Entrepreneur’s Personality and Decision-Making Style

Measure of Entrepreneurial Tendencies and Abilities (META)

The most widely validated tool globally, of entrepreneurial personality characteristics. META identifies a person’s score relative to the working population on 4 core Entrepreneurial Traits: Opportunism, Creativity, Proactivity, and Vision. This assessment predicts the style in, and extent to, which a person will act entrepreneurially and succeed in doing so. 


Scenario-Based Measure of Entrepreneurial Decision-Making Strategies

An innovative scenario-based assessment of a host of decision-making strategies that business founders may adopt when attempting to create and grow their start-ups. The tool assesses entrepreneurs’ tendency to make use of the following strategies in their business-related decision-making: Planning, Maximise returns, Competitiveness, Resourcefulness, Affordable loss, Collaboration, and Experimentation. These strategies have been shown to enable entrepreneurs to successfully navigate the challenges and complexities associated with creating new ventures and predict a range of entrepreneurial performance outcomes. 


Narrow Entrepreneurial Tendencies (NET) Profile

A new tool extended from META to measure entrepreneurial personality characteristics from 8 detailed aspects: Originality, Pattern-recognition, Action-initiation, Goal-focus, Influentialness, Improvement-orientation, Realism, and Future-orientation. NET differs from META such that it encompasses facet-level traits – characterized by higher fidelity and specificity - of entrepreneurial personality and predicts a range of entrepreneurial performance outcomes. NET provides a comprehensive profile and granular understanding of individuals’ strengths and weaknesses with respect to entrepreneurial success.