UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Meet the team


The Central Study Team

Prof. Stephen Pilling

Picture of Prof. Steve Pilling
Chief Investigator, UCL

Katherine Clarke

Photo of Kat Clarke
Programme Coordinator, UCL
Shaeda NourmandResearch Assistant, UCL and C&I
Jahara KhatunResearch Assistant, BEH

Georgie Parker

Photo of Georgie Parker
Research Assistant, UCL
Site-based Researchers

Marta Chmielowska

photo of Marta
Research Assistant, NELFT

Emma McKenzie

Photo of Emma McKenzie
Research Assistant, NELFT
Shaeda NourmandResearch Assistant, C&I
Jahara KhatunResearch Assistant, BEH

Sarah Noordally

Photo of Sarah Noordally
Research Assistant, KMPT
Amanda HendersonSenior Research Practitioner, DPT

Daniel Scott

Photo of Daniel Scott
Research Assistant, DPT
Emily CornfordResearch Assistant, DPT
The Process Evaluation Team based at Middlesex University

Prof. Timothy Weaver

Photo of Prof Tim Weaver

Dr Lefteris Anestis

Associate Professor of Mental Health Research/ ODDESSI Co-investigator





Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Other Co-InvestigatorsAffiliation
Dr. Russell RazzaqueNELFT
Prof. Jerry TewUniversity of Birmingham
Prof. Catherine KinaneKMPT
Prof. Sabine LandauKCL
Prof. Sonia JohnsonUCL
Prof. Thomas CraigKCL
Dr Manuel GomesUCL
Dr Sarah CarrUniversity of Birmingham
Ms Corrine HendyNottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
Mr Mark HopfenbeckNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Prof. Douglas ZiedonisUniversity of California, San Diego
Mr John BrouderNELFT
Ms Suzanne ChapmanPPI Co-applicant