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CST Training in Norway

Training events

  • None scheduled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Check back soon.

Contacts for Training

Municipalities and regional centers for Development of Institutional and Home Care Services (USHT) may order courses in CST from Norwegian Advisory Unit for Ageing and Health to be held locally. In addition, Ageing and Health will arrange two courses per year in/near Oslo.

Norwegian Advisory Unity for Ageing and Health
Website: https://www.aldringoghelse.no/hst
Contact address: hst@aldringoghelse.no

Torhild Holthe
Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist in Old Age Health, MSc, Phd-candidate.
Norwegian Advisory Unit for Ageing and Health,
Tel: +47911 34 088
Email: torhild.holthe@aldringoghelse.no
Website: https://www.aldringoghelse.no/hst


Torhild Holthe, OT, MSc, PhD-candidate, Researcher/Project leader CST in Norway Norwegian Advisory Unit for Ageing and Health

Torhild Hothe
Torhild is a clinical OT-specialist in old age health and has been working in dementia assessment unit since 1986, and in Ageing and Health since 1997 with mostly lecturing, development work and research projects in dementia. Tor did her first CST training in 2016 and has worked to implement CST in Norway. She started her first CST group June 2019. Ageing and Health has delivered CST training courses since April 2019. 

Email: torhild.holthe@aldringoghelse.no
Website: https://www.aldringoghelse.no

Anne Lund OT, PhD, Associate Professor, Oslo Metropolitan University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Occupational Therapy, Prosthetics and Orthotics

Anne Lund
Anne is an occupational therapist and has since 1985 been working with different group interventions for older adults with dementia and stroke. She had her CST training in February 2019 and started a CST group in June 2019. 

Email: annelu@oslomet.no
Website: https://www.oslomet.no/om/ansatt/annelu/

Kari Kvaal, MRN, MNSc, PHD, Professor of Mental Health Care, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

Kari Kvaal
Kari Kvaal is a certified advanced clinical specialist in mental health nursing, and family therapist. She has been working in the field of mental health since 1979 as a clinician, and in higher education, as an academic and clinical supervisor, and researcher. First experiences with CST was in 2013. She is one of two authors who translated and adapted the CST manual 'Making a Difference' into Norwegian culture and language, with three additional chapters, published 2018. She did her training courses in CST 2016 and 2019, and has worked to implement CST in Norway, in partnership with Ageing and Health. 

Email: kari.kvaal@inn.no
Website: https://www.inn.no/

Kristine Gustavsen Madsø, Clinical Psychologist at NKS Olaviken Hospital for Old-age Psychiatry and PhD-student at the Department of Clinical Psychology, University of Bergen.

Kristine Madsø
Kristine is working as a clinical psychologist at the outpatient clinic of NKS Olaviken. Since 2013 she has worked with assessment, psychotherapy and support for persons with dementia and their caregivers. She has experience in supervising healthcare professionals in dementia care, and leading support-groups for persons with early onset dementia and their spouses. Kristine is actively running CST-groups and providing CST-training in Norway in collaboration with NKS Olaviken Hospital for old-age psychiatry and Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Ageing and Health (Ageing and Health).

Email: Kristine.Madso@uib.no

Rita Weum, Occupational Therapist / Project Assistant, Ageing and Health, Norwegian National Advisory Unit

Rita Weum
Rita has further education in general health and has worked in the dementia field since 2007; as OT in a day care centre, and as case manager and as dementia-coordinator in a multidisciplinary team. She has been involved in different projects related to dementia: School for family caregivers, counselling groups for younger couples, and weekend camps for children and youth having parents with dementia. Further, she has been involved in different projects; planning a new nursing home for people with dementia, re-enablement of home-dwelling persons with dementia, and creating a dementia-friendly society. 

Email: rita.weum@aldringoghelse.no
Website: www.aldringoghelse.no

Thale Kinne Rønqvist, Clinical Neuropsychologist, Norwegian Advisory Unit on Aging and Health

Thale Kinne Ronqvist
Thale Kinne Rønqvist is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and has been working in the field of neuropsychological rehabilitation since 1989, and from 2006 in the field of dementia. She attended the training course on CST in London during January 2019. Thale facilitated her first CST-course with people with dementia autumn 2019.  She has worked to implement CST in Norway since January 2019 with training courses nationwide.  

Email: thale.ronqvist@aldringoghelse.no
Website: https://www.aldringoghelse.no/

Turid Valle Risnes, Psychiatric Nurse, Olaviken Hospital for Old-Age Psychiatry

Turid Valle Risnes
Turid has worked in the dementia field since 2008 as a nurse at the community unit for old-age psychiatry, ambulant team and outpatient clinic. Turid has experiences with group interventions, both for people with dementia and their caregivers. She is experienced in educating healthcare professionals. Currently, she is involved in running CST groups with persons with dementia and CST training to professionals. 

Email: turid.valle.risnes@olaviken.no
Website: http://olaviken.ihelse.net/