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Preserving Antibiotics through Safe Stewardship.

Principal InvestigatorsProf. Susan Michie (UCL)
Prof. Andrew Hayward (UCL)
Co-InvestigatorsDr Spiros Denaxas (UCL),
Professor Nick Freemantle (UCL),
Professor Rob Horne (UCL),
Professor James Thomas (UCL),
Dr Louise Atkins (UCL),
Dr Laura Shallcross (UCL),
Mrs Ellen Fragaszy (UCL),
Dr Jennifer Mindell (UCL),
Dr Patty Kostkova (UCL),
Dr Elaine Hardy (University Hospitals Birmingham)
Dr Carolyn Tarrant (University of Leicester),
Mr Jonathan West (Royal College of Art),
Professor Liam Smeeth (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine),
Dr John Robson (Queen Mary, University of London) &
Ms Anne Conolly (National Centre for Social Research)
UCL team membersDr Fabiana Lorencatto (Research Lead),
Ms Gillian Forbes (Senior Research Associate),
Dr Elise Crayton (Systematic review researcher),
Mr Niall Anderson (Health Psychology researcher)
and others based within UCL Institute of Health Informatics (IHI) and UCL Institute of Education
Project start and end datesApril 2017 - March 2020
Project twitterhttps://twitter.com/PASS_antibiotic

Project aims

PASS aims to inform the design of a behaviour change intervention that strengthens antibiotic stewardship in health services and community settings 

Project details

Increasing antibiotic resistance is a major health concern that is associated with the overuse of antibiotics. Antibiotic Stewardship Programmes have been introduced to address these concerns, however, evidence and understanding of their effectiveness is limited.

A multi-discipline team will take a highly collaborative approach across three work packages:

  • (WP1 - IHI) Epidemiological data to investigate patterns of antibiotic use in primary and secondary care and in care homes. Data from a survey (Bug Watch) to assess GP attendance for common infections.
  • (WP2 - HPRG ) A behavioural change framework is applied to understand the drivers of antibiotic prescribing and to identify effective components of Antibiotic Stewardship Programmes. The research will span five settings: healthcare professionals in primary and secondary care, care homes, and community pharmacists, and the general public.
  • (WP3 - The Royal College of Art) Design and testing of intervention bundles.

The behavioural change aspect of PASS will include conducting theoretical based interviews with healthcare staff and the general public, the ethnographic observational work in primary and secondary care, and in care homes and systematic reviews of existing intervention across healthcare and community settings.

Data collection and analysis of interviews and observations is ongoing. Publication of systematic reviews of antimicrobial stewardship interventions in care homes, and primary and secondary care is anticipated in 2019.

The PASS research framework provides vital information on how antibiotics are used and what needs to be targeted to preserve their use for future generations.