UCL Psychology and Language Sciences



The UCL Health Psychology Research Group (HPRG) comprises academic, research, teaching and administrative staff, as well as postgraduate students. The team works closely with the UCL Centre for Behaviour Change and the UCL Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group (UTARG)

Ayşe Lisa Ustaoğlu-AllisonPhD Student 
Niall AndersonSenior Research FellowHPRU
Vivi Antonopoulou (Dr)Research FellowPRU
Lou Atkins (Dr)Senior Teaching FellowCBC
Rachel Carey (Dr)Honorary Senior Research AssociateCBC
Paul Chadwick (Dr)Honorary Senior Associate ProfessorCBC
Angel Chater (Dr)CBC Co Director, Associate ProfessorCBC
Elizabeth Corker (Dr)Senior Research FellowHBCP, BCTT
Elise Crayton (Dr)Research FellowPASS
Danielle D'Lima (Dr)Senior Teaching FellowMSc Behaviour Change
Holly ElphinstoneManagerSPHR
Ailbhe Finnerty (Dr)Research FellowHBCP
Gillian Forbes (Dr)Research FellowHBCP
Professor Leslie Gutman Programme Director, Professor of Applied Developmental and Health PsychologyMSc Behaviour Change
Jo Hale (Dr)Research FellowCUSSH
Emily HayesResearch AssociateHBCP
Aleksandra Herbec (Dr)Research FellowARCH
Catherine Lawerence PhD Student 
Carmen Lefevre (Dr)Honorary Senior Research AssociateCBC
Fabiana Lorencatto (Dr)Research LeadCBC
Beth McKinnonCBC AdministratorCBC
Carly Meyer (Dr)Research FellowPRU
Professor Susan MichieCBC Director, Professor of Health PsychologyCBC
Candice MooreResearch AssociateHBCP
Emma Norris (Dr)Research FellowHBCP
Jeremy Oliver (Dr)Senior Teaching FellowCBC
Krishane Patel (Dr)Research AssociateFSA
Paulina SchenkPhD Student 
Stephanie Stanton-Fay (Dr)Research FellowDAFNE+
Clement VeallAdministratorSPHR, HBCP
Alison Wright (Dr)Senior Research FellowHBCP
Fatima YounasPhD Student 
Silje ZinkResearch FellowHBCP