UCL Psychology and Language Sciences



Head of research group: 

Dr Lucy Serpell

PhD students:

Eva Gregersten

The Egosyntonic Nature of Anorexia

Hannah Stoyel

Eating Disorders in Athletes

Janina Brede

Anorexia in Autistic Women

Laura Bourne

ARFID Diagnosis and Sub-Types

DClinPsy trainees:

Natlie Chu, Vallabhi Khurana, Kim Mihaljevic, Sarah Burnett-Stuart, Rich Hall

Collaborators within UCL:

Paul Burgess (ICN)

Sam Gilbert (ICN)

Peter Dayan (Gatsby)

Jon Roiser (ICN)

Nadia Micali (ICH)

Janet Feigenbaum (CEHP)

Sue Watson (CEHP)

Will Mandy (CEHP)

Aikaterini Fotopolou (CEHP)

Collaborators outside UCL:

Alix Timko, University of the Sciences, Philadelphia, USA

Ulrike Schmidt, Kings College London

Chris Williams, University of Glasgow

Blake Stobie, KCL

Chris Fairburn, University of Oxford

Una Mulkerrin, North East London Foundation Trust

Heather Bolton, SLAM

Sarah Pender, Glasgow

Nick Hawkes, Barnet, Enfield and Haringey NHS Trust

Bryony Bamford, St Georges University of London 

Vaithehy Shanmuganathan-Felton, University of Roehampton

Caroline Meyer, University of Warwick