UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Journal Articles

Tuckett, D. & Chong, K. (2014). Constructing Conviction through Action and Narrative: How Money Managers Manage Uncertainty and the Consequences for Financial Market Functioning. Socio-Economic Review.

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Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal, Vol. 3, 2009 40.

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Conference Papers

Tuckett, D.,  Ormerod, P., Smith, R. & Nyman, R. (2014). Bringing Social-Psychological Variables into Economic Modeling: Uncertainty, Animal Spirits and the Recovery from the Great Recession, IEA World Congress June 6 - June 10, Jordan.

Working Papers

Tuckett, D. & Chong, K. (2013) Re-Thinking Uncertainty. UCL Psychoanalysis Emotional Finance Project, Working paper 2. Contact us for a copy.

Tuckett, D., and Ruatti, C., (2013) Radical Uncertainty and Decision-Making Theories: Towards an Action Framework. UCL Psychoanalysis Emotional Finance Project Working Paper no 4. Contact us for a copy.