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Milena Nikolic

Research interests:

My current research focuses on how people make real world decisions. At the moment, together with Professor Tuckett, I'm focusing on developing a new interdisciplinary framework for understanding how people make real world decisions. Our account rests on an original theoretical triad: narrative theory, causal reasoning and feelings. We focus on how these concepts become integrated to guide people's decisions. Importantly, we propose that such integration is underpinned by the basic human drive for certainty in the face of the reality of uncertainty. To this end, I study decision-making adopting an interdisciplinary approach that draws mainly from psychology, cognitive science and affective neuroscience. 


M. Nikolic, D. Lagnado (2015) There aren't plenty more fish in the sea: A causal network approach. British Journal of Psychology

Contact Details: 

Milena Nikolic

Centre for the Study of Decision-Making Uncertainty

Faculty of Brain Sciences 

University College London

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Mail: milena.nikolic@ucl.ac.uk