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Each month we are interviewing one of leading academics, who will give an overview of their current research and why it's important.  

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The thinking that causes crises | David Tuckett | TEDxWarwick

Working across Economics, Medical Sociology and Psychoanalysis, David Tuckett focuses on using psychoanalysis to understand behaviour in financial markets and the economy. He has developed new approaches to decision-making under deep uncertainty: conviction narrative theory (CNT), and directed algorithmic text analysis. This talk touches upon the remarkable feature of his findings: for the first time, there is statistical demonstration that emotional shifts in narratives indicate the growth of financial risk.


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What Do Management Consultants Do? | Kimberly Chong

Most of us probably think of management consultancy as a technocratic function, helping companies fix internal problems in order to become more productive. But Institute for New Economic Thinking grantee Kimberley Chong thinks about it in a different way, by viewing management consultancy through the lens of cultural anthropology.


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Lionel Bailly examines the effect new media

Lionel Bailly examines the effect new media (the internet, social networking and video games) has on the adolescent mind. According to Bailly, the virtual personas many teens create for themselves act as a warped mirror of their actual selves.