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Progressive Aphasia Speech and Language Therapy Clinic

This clinic provides speech and language therapy for people with communication difficulties associated with primary progressive aphasia (PPA) and other overlapping conditions.

Who we work with

People can attend this clinic if they:

  1. Have a diagnosis of Primary Progressive Aphasia or Posterior Cortical Atrophy or Frontotemporal dementia or Alzheimer's disease or other progressive neurological condition
  2. Have communication difficulties impacting day to day life.
  3. Are able to attend an in-person appointment at the clinic or an online zoom meeting (on a laptop or tablet device)

This clinic is not for people who have had a stroke, brain injury or brain tumour and are experiencing communication difficulties associated with these.

What we provide

Two individual sessions to get to know you and make a plan for your therapy.

We may undertake an assessment of your speech and language difficulties and relative strengths.

You may be invited to participate in a period of individual or group therapy focusing on:

  • Practice tasks that help maintain words and sentences
  • Communication training for you and a family member or friend to have Better Conversations
  • Opportunities to practice using ways to communication using strategies we plan together

The therapy is all delivered by student speech and language therapists, supervised by expert consultant speech and language therapists and researchers in the field of PPA.

Individual or group therapy is usually one hour, once weekly for 6-8 weeks.

We will also share ideas to help you think about future support that might be available outside this clinic.

The clinic operates on Mondays 8am-4.30pm, October 2024-March 2025

How to take part / how to make a referral

Sign up yourself or for a family/friend using the form below. We will get in touch to arrange an appointment.


Clinic team

  • Dr Anna Volkmer, see profile
  • Student speech and language therapists

How to contact the clinic

Email: a.volkmer.15@ucl.ac.uk

Tel: 07597407187