UCL Psychology and Language Sciences

Dr Clare Loane

Dr Clare Loane

Research Associate

Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience

Div of Psychology & Lang Sciences

Joined UCL
20th Apr 2017

Research summary

My interests revolve around the use of high-resolution imaging and cognitive paradigms to understand the underlying mechanisms of neurodegenerative processes such as Alzheimer's disease. 

I am currently running the MRC-funded LiDO study which aims to assess the neuromodulatory role of the noradrenegeric locus coeruleus in cognitive decline during early dementia as well as in healthy ageing. I use optimised brainstem neuroimaging methods and bayesian computational modelling to investigate the relationship between loss of locus coeruleus integrity and connectivity and decline of episodic memory and decision-making functioning in early neurodegenerative processes. 

Other ongoing collaborations with University of Oxford and Imperial College London focus on the cortical signature of apparent memory impairments in Posterior Cortical Atrophy and motor network dysfunction in Parkinson's disease, respectively.


I graduated with a BSc (hons) Psychology before obtaining an MSc in Neuropsychology at University College London. I hold a PhD in Neuroscience from Imperial College London focussed on functional and structural neuroimaging of motor networks in Parkinson's disease. Prior to taking up my current post, I held a 3-year postdoctoral researcher position at University of Oxford where I investigated the neural underpinnings of hippocampal amnesia.