UCL Psychology and Language Sciences

Prof Alastair McClelland

Prof Alastair McClelland

Professor of Behavioural Statistics

Experimental Psychology

Div of Psychology & Lang Sciences

Joined UCL
1st Oct 1990

Teaching summary

PSYC1104 Introduction to Statistical Methods in Psychology


The main aim of this course is to provide a sound introduction to statistical principles and methods used in Psychology. The course introduces statistical data analysis from a ?model-fitting? perspective, as well as the more traditional hypothesis testing approach. The modelling approach aims to present diverse methods of analysis (e.g., analysis of variance, regression & chi-square) as variants of the single underlying strategy of fitting models to data, evaluating their goodness of fit, and deciding which model is appropriate. Emphasis is placed on a conceptual understanding of statistical methods, and in most cases definition rather than computational formula are presented. The formal teaching is complemented by computer-based practical classes, which allow students to explore data in an interaction manner, and make use of graphical as well as statistical approaches to data analysis. The aim is that students will have a good working knowledge of the MINITAB statistical package by the end of the course. The course is linked to the 1103 Introduction to Psychological Experiments course, and students should be able to use the knowledge gained in the 1104 course when interpreting and writing up the results from their laboratory classes. It also aims to provide a foundation for the more advanced statistical work in the Second Year 2204 Design and Analysis of Psychological Experiments course.

PSYC2204 Design and Analysis of Psychological Experiments


This course aims to provide students with the knowledge required to design sound psychological studies and to apply appropriate analyses to the results. Students are expected to use this knowledge in the PSYC2203 course, and in their Third Year Project work. The course also provides a foundation for the 3301 Advanced Multivariate Statistical Methods in Psychology Third Year option. Additional aims are to furnish students with a sound theoretical understanding of the methods taught, as well as practical instruction in the use of a widely used statistical package (SPSS for Windows).


University College London
PhD, Psychology | 1979
University College London
BSc Hons, Psychology | 1976