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Hugo Spiers

New research finds that rats 'dream' paths to a desired future

A new study finds that when rats rest, their brains simulate journeys to a desired future such as a tasty treat. More...

Professor Brad Love

Professor Brad Love awarded a Wellcome Trust Investigator Award

Congratulations to Professor Brad Love (Experimental Psychology) who has been awarded a Wellcome Trust Investigator Award grant of over £1M, for the project: Neural and Computational Mechanisms of Categorisation. More...

Shafiq Azid with his winning image for #loveUCL

Shafiq Azid (MSc Language Sciences) wins the 2015 #loveUCL photo competition

Congratulations to Shafiq Azid, one of our students on the MSc Language Sciences programme who has won this year's #loveUCL photo competition with his striking photo of the micrarium at the Grant Museum of Zoology (below).  More...

Science Museum

Are you paying attention? Professor Nilli Lavie finds out at an interactive exhibition at the Science Museum

Professor Nilli Lavie (Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience) and her PhD student Josh Earyrs are running an interactive research exhibition Are you paying attention? at the Science Museum, as part of the Live Science project. More...

Professor Vincent Walsh

Elite sportspeople cope significantly better under stress than non-elites, a new study suggests

To better understand the human element of performance, Dunlop Tyres, in partnership with KINC agency, commissioned a study to explore the psychological factors that enable effective performance under pressure. Professor Vincent Walsh (Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience), an expert in human brain research who also works with many elite sports people and teams, worked on the study.