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Intensive Conversation Camps

This clinic provides intensive speech and language therapy for people with communication difficulties and a partner (spouse, partner, family member or friend) based around better conversations.

This clinic provides two different intensive speech and language therapy interventions:

  • Conversation Camp 1 is for people with speech and language difficulties associated with primary progressive aphasia (PPA) and other overlapping conditions, and a partner (a spouse, partner, family member or friend).
  • Conversation Camp 2 is for people who have aphasia after a stroke, and a partner (a spouse, partner, family member or friend).

The therapy is all delivered by student speech and language therapists, supervised by expert consultant speech and language therapists and researchers in the field of PPA and stroke aphasia.

Who we work with

People can attend this clinic if they:

  • Have a diagnosis of Primary Progressive Aphasia or stroke aphasia
  • Have communication difficulties impacting day to day life
  • Have a partner who can attend the entire camp with them
  • Are able to attend both in-person and via online zoom meetings (using a computer, laptop or tablet device)

This clinic is not for people who have had a brain injury or brain tumour.

What we provide

Intensive therapy (10am-3pm) over several days per week, taking place in April-May each year (dates to be confirmed).

Clinic team

More information about the Better Conversations Lab

How to contact the clinic

Email: a.volkmer.15@ucl.ac.uk or s.beeke@ucl.ac.uk