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POSTPONED - Language and Cognition Seminar - Dr Lucy Dipper

30 June 2021, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

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TALK POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. "Working on Storytelling in Aphasia – what are the goals?"

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Disa Witkowska – Language & Cognition


Room 118
Chandler House
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Working on Storytelling in Aphasia – what are the goals? 

All key stakeholders in the remediation of aphasia have identified discourse as important, and storytelling is a frequent form of everyday discourse. This talk will report on LUNA, a storytelling intervention which has been developed at City University of London in collaboration with clinicians and people living with aphasia.  The focus will be on the goals identified by the collaborators.

As part of the LUNA project, we worked with UK aphasia clinicians firstly via an online survey about their views and practices in discourse analysis, and secondly by inviting 4 clinicians into our co-design team.  The survey:  211 people responded: primarily female, aged 20-40 years, working full-time in the NHS, in a range of clinical settings. They told us how they assessed discourse and how often, as well as reporting on barriers and goals. The survey findings will be briefly outlined in order to explain how we are addressing these goals in the development of LUNA.  The SLT co-design team: 4 clinicians with an interest in discourse undertook 11 co-design sessions (44 hours) with us over 6 months.  Together we considered 25 discourse intervention research papers as well as many other clinical resources (assessment and remediation) and discussed implementation and feasibility.  The key goals for clinicians, identified in these sessions, will be outlined.  The PWA co-design team: 4 co-designers living with aphasia were also central to the development of LUNA.  They joined us at City University for 5 sessions (27.5 hours) over 6 months.  Together we reviewed and discussed the same clinical materials and evidence considered by the clinician co-designers.  We also shared stories and explored different ways of putting together LUNA that would make sense to people living with aphasia.  The key goals for stories, arising from these sessions, will be outlined.


About the Speaker

Dr Lucy Dipper

Senior Lecturer at Division of Language and Communication Science, City University London

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