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Consumer Neuroscience

An online masterclass for business professionals interested in applying the newest insights from neuroscience to solve real-world business problems.

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The workshop

 This online workshop offers a challenging and broad learning experience in consumer neuroscience. It combines live online classes and recorded videos that you complete at your own pace. You will learn how the tools of neuroscience can take your understanding of human behaviour to a new level. A growing number of businesses are realising the business potential of recent discoveries in the functioning of the human brain and mind. You will learn to apply key insights to everyday problems in your organisation in order to set your business ahead of the others.

Topics covered:

The workshop will cover the following topics: 

  • The limitations of traditional marketing research methods
  • How neuroscience can predict market outcomes
  • Debunking neuro-myths
  • How do biases shape our behaviour and what are some of their commercial implications
  • Practical neuromarketing advice
  • How to leverage the “seductive allure of neuroscience”

Where and when?

There are currently no future dates for this online workshop. However, this is offered in-person on the 7th and 8th November 2024. Visit the workshop website for further information


Joe Devlin 
Prof Joe Devlin received his PhD in artificial intelligence but found himself more interested in how human minds work, becoming a leading researcher in how the brain processes language. Companies Joe has worked with include AudibleCNNJWT and Vue Cinema, and he runs regular workshops on neuroscience and consumer decision-making
Prof Daniel Richardson 
Professor Richardson examines how individuals' thought processes are related to the people around them. Daniel has authored two popular science books: Man vs Mind and A Dummies Guide to Social Psychology; and has worked with companies such as Audible, Heineken, and Vue cinema, using physiological sensors and experimental techniques to understand consumer experience. Author of: Social Psychology for Dummies (2014) and Man vs. Mind: Everyday Psychology Explained (2017).
John Hogan  
Dr John Hogan works on research projects with corporate clients aimed at improving our understanding of human judgement and decision making. With over 10 years of consultancy experience, John has provided research services for clients such as Virgin MediaDigitasLeo Burnett, and MacClaren McCann 

  • Arm yourself with cutting-edge and applicable insights from experts in neuroscience
  • Spot the difference between neuroscience and neurobollocks
  • Explore new ways to problem-solve
  • Set up and manage a research programme to learn more about the brains of your consumers
  • Developing neuro-forecasting expertise
  • Enhance your consumer models
  • Build your network with professionals from diverse sectors
  • Explore new business ideas and potential collaborations with neuroscience experts
  • Get an edge in the industry by being the first to harness insights from neuroscience and behavioural science
Who's it for?

 This workshop is aimed at people who:

  • Occupy consumer-facing roles
  • Strategists
  • Brand-managers
  • C-suite execs making strategic decisions
  • Anyone designing behaviour-change interventions, including policy makers
  • Market researchers, both agency- and client-side
Workshop structure

Week 1

  • Introduction to consumer neuroscience
  • Human biases and the limitations of traditional marketing research methods
  • The brain of the consumer, neuroanatomy and important biomarkers

Week 2

  • Neuro-focus groups and neuro-forecasting
  • Emotions, arousal and measuring the customer experience
  • Neuroscience as marketing and PR

Week 3

  • Practical neuromarketing, best practices for managing your own research programme
  • Ethical considerations and data privacy
  • Future directions

Early Bird fees: £895 (deadline: 31 Oct 2023)
Standard Fees: £995
Contact Changing Minds for other possible discounts (e.g. Group bookings, UCL Alumni)


Jaimie Grosset, Lane: "A fantastically fascinating workshop, filled with thought provoking questions and real-world case studies. The course was interactive and very open to the collective group's questions and discussion points, making it highly engaging and enjoyable. The Professors managed to bridge the gap between academia and business/marketing very well, showing the strength in collaboration and knowledge sharing…It was thoroughly enjoyable and interesting to hear from the specialist areas and what form of application this can take."

Andy Butterfield, UK CX Lead, Salesforce: "Fantastic Course, it gave me great insight into consumer behaviour using stories and detailed explanations. It has absolutely improved the way I am going to approach a number of areas of my business. I highly recommend it."