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Aphasia New Music Group

The Aphasia New Music Group (ANMG) is a collaboration between people with aphasia, family members, musicians, and speech and language therapists.

The group works together to write and perform original songs and music. Members do not need any experience as a musician or singer. Ideas are developed through workshops; the only rule is that the music must be new. Researchers from the UCL Communication Clinic are interested in the impact of the creative activities on people’s communication and wellbeing.

We held two public performances in June 2023, and visited seven community groups (SayAphasia) across the country for taster sessions. We are continuing with our workshops and plan more performances in 2024.

A video of one of our performances is here (skip to 12 mins into the video for the start):

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/live/kYbLoZLnzVk?si=jbSyh2nAJ83VbtpQ


You can see a short film (seven minutes) about the group, directed by Simon Gutierrez

Songs for Reconnecting


The work of the Aphasia New Music Group has been supported by funding from the Arts Council England, Higher Education Innovation Funding (Knowledge Exchange) and the Co-production Collective. The team includes music producers Oedipa and Second Movement.