UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Charlotte Lee - BSc Psychology and Language Sciences

Charlotte Lee studied BSc Psychology and Language Sciences and graduated in 2015.

Charlotte Lee

Current job title: Junior Dean
Current employer: University of Oxford

Why did you decide to study Psychology and Language Sciences? 

In lieu of a more traditional programme, I decided to study PaLS because it combined two disciplines I enjoyed studying at A Level: Psychology and English Language. The broad range of mandatory modules - I reasoned - would afford me the opportunity to begin specialising my interest. Furthermore, the second year added value placement offered the unique chance to translate and transpose my learnings.

What are you doing now? 

I am a Researcher at the University of Oxford. Previously, I worked as a Researcher at the UCL Institute of Child Health. Key achievements so far include (1) being as a named co-investigator on an MRC funded randomised controlled trial, (2) leading a small grant proposal to develop a behavioural intervention for optimal child development, and (3) serving as Programme Lead for a new MSc in frugal health technology. That said, I have built life-long connections at Chandler House. So you may find me somewhere nearby having a coffee over a chat!

How has your degree helped in your further career? 

Whilst UCL’s name has opened doors for me, the personalised support I received on the programme has equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to walk through those doors. Throughout PaLS I developed high quality analytical and communicative skills, which provide a strong platform to pursue either clinical, teaching or research careers. Lastly, the extra-curricular opportunities available - such as the Faculty of Brain Sciences Annual Conference - provide a truly unique and unmissable chance to exercise those skills.