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UCL’s Institute of Origins was created to promote world-leading research into the Origins and Evolution of the Universe, the basis of life and how we came to exist.

The Institute aims to bring together under one umbrella the rich and highly respected multi-disciplinary expertise that UCL has built up over several decades to research topics spreading in scale from the microscopic to the cosmological.

The Institute provides a forum for workers in the departments of Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy, Space & Climate Physics and Earth Sciences to develop new and innovative collaborative research projects, in which fundamental issues connected to the origins and evolution of universe can be tackled in a consistent theoretical and physical way.

  • What is the origin of the highest-energy cosmic rays?
  • How does gas and dust evolve during the star formation cycle?
  • Do Einstein’s equations really describe our Universe?
  • Can extra-terrestrial environments support putative alien life?

These and other questions, the Institute aims to answer through its research. For more - check Research themes.