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research themes title 6

The Institute of Origins research covers the following areas:

The Origin and Evolution of the Universe.
We are addressing the following fundamental questions. What is the composition of the Universe (e.g. baryons, dark matter, dark energy)? What is the origin of mass? How did galaxies, stars and planets form? What is the role of black holes? What are the conditions to cause extreme environments and events (e.g. gamma ray bursts, active galactic nuclei, solar flares)? What are the properties of neutrinos? What is the origin of matter/antimatter asymmetry? What is the nature of space-time and how to incorporate extra spatial dimensions?

The Origin of Life
How did our Sunand its planets form? How common are solar-system-like planets? What are the conditions to create and sustain atmospheres of the Earth and others planets? What are the bio-signatures for life in other planets? 

Tools for probing the Universe
We need to utilise wide-ranging tools in order to achieve our scientific aims. Among them are computational particle physics and astrophysics, laboratory searches for dark matter, ground based telescopes and space missions, virtual observatories, accelerator searches for new particles and forces, ultra-high energy cosmic rays and neutrino telescopes.


We are now organising a coordinated approach between the departments to the following research themes: