Prof. Christine Orengo

My main research interests focus on the field of Bioinformatics which could be described as the theoretical analysis of genes, proteins and biological systems using computational methods. My group started in 1997 and is based in the Darwin Building at UCL.

I studied Chemical Physics at Bristol University and obtained a BSc (Hons) degree. Following that I became more interested in medical and biological topics obtaining an MSc in Medical Physics from the University of Aberdeen and a PhD in Biochemistry from University College London, in 1984. After working for a short time in industry, I worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at the National Institute of Medical Research until 1990. After that I joined the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at UCL and in 1995 I was awarded an MRC Senior Fellowship in Bioinformatics. In 2002 I was promoted to the position of Professor of Bioinformatics. I have also co-edited a textbook entitled Bioinformatics: Genes, Proteins and Computers published by BIOS in 2003.

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