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Issue No. 1 (Autumn 2006)

  • Articles
  1. Multilingual London and its Literatures
    by Prof. Reinier Salverda {Honorary Professor of Dutch Language and Literature at UCL and Director of the Fryske Akademy (KNAW), the Frisian Academy, Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences}
  2. Reading W. G. Sebald with Alberto Giacometti
    by Prof. Timothy Mathews {Professor of French, Arts & Humanities}
  3. A Panoptic Study of Corruption
    by Abdul Gofur {Ph.D. Student, Laws}
  4. Building Bridges and Breaking Boundaries: Modernity and Agoraphobia
    by Josh Holmes {M.Sc. Student, Life Sciences}
  5. Seeing the Unseen. Optic, Acoustic and the Space Between
    by Matteo Melioli {Ph.D. Student, The Bartlett}
  6. Dividing Hedging and Gambling: Legal Implications of Derivative Instruments
    by Chao-hung Christopher Chen {Ph.D. Student, Laws}
  7. Houellebecq and the Novel as Site of Epistemic Rebellion
    by Delphine Grass {Ph.D. Student, Arts & Humanities}
  • Reviews & Commentaries
  1. Problems with Easy Street: At the Smithsons’ ‘Robin Hood Gardens Estate’ for Open House Weekend, Sunday 17 September 2006
    by Nicholas Beech {Ph.D. Student, The Bartlett}
  2. Chadors and Graffiti, EU Flags and Iconic Bodies: Four Contemporary Visual Artists
    by Maria Petrides {Ph.D. Student, Arts & Humanities}
  • Creative Work
  1. Generative Permutations Nos 1-3
    by Brock Craft {Ph.D. Student, Engineering Sciences}
  2. The Task of the Writer
    by Anton Viesel {M.A. Student, Arts & Humanities}